About Rebecca

Since 2012, Rebecca has been pursuing her PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

She specializes in transforming dark data into actionable insight. Her work concerns the development and interface of qualitative, statistical, and computational methods for health services and regulatory policy research.

Recently, Rebecca has been a guest on NPR’s “Sound of Ideas” to discuss the public health crisis of antibiotic overuse in the United States, and her research was selected by the Editors-in-Chief of the IDSA journals to publicize global efforts toward combating antimicrobial resistance. For more, please see Research or CV.

Outside of work, Rebecca plays electric guitar and builds her own guitar pedals from scratch – from soldering the circuits to drilling and acid etching the enclosures. You can see the build process on Instagram! Most importantly she has an awesome dog. He’s a (too-nosy-for-his-own-good) 9 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix that will instantly be your best friend if you give him any treat.

About the blog

The blog is frequently updated and features a variety of topics such as how to customize your tools like Emacs and Linux.

Some of the most popular posts are: Custom Dyed Model M Keyboard, Troubleshooting Octopress, Font Awesome Icons with LaTex, and Tracking Media Mentions via Google Scholar.


This site built with static site generation tool called Octopress. Octopress itself is built on Jekyll, and is converted to HTML via the Maruku MarkDown parser. All content is written in Markdown. Every aspect of this website – front and back end (including UX, design, layout, and theme with languages such as HTML/CSS/SASS/Jekyll/Ruby on Rails/Javascript) – has been transformed and revamped by Rebecca. Programming-wise, it has been a huge a labor of love. The original theme was Whitespace Theme by Lucas Lew. All code is written in Emacs <3. Keyboard is either Das Model S Professional or my customized Model M.