NPR: The Sound of Ideas (2017)

My advisor Dr. Robin Jump and I were on The Sound of Ideas to talk about the public health crisis of antibiotic overuse.


Click the image to listen and/or see the interview. Audio is at the top of the page, scroll down to the bottom for the video of the interview.

Octopress Images and Google Drive

The problem: Octopress does not like the shared link. So you need to convert to the direct link.

I ran into this issue when I didn’t want to load all my images via a local source / Dropbox. Mainly because I’m running out of room in my Dropbox and am too cheap to pay for storage.

OSX Ate My Powerpoint

A few weeks ago I was putting together a slide deck. I opened up a powerpoint file of a gigantic poster to grab some vector images I had made the year before. The poster contained tons of high-resolution images and had been five feet wide when printed.

Powerpoint immediately panicked and crashed.

“That’s weird.” I thought to myself. I opened up the slidedeck again and discovered that all the slides I’d been working on were gone. All the antimations and graphics I had been building disappeared and I was back to my basic slidedeck from an hour ago. No recovery, nothing.

My response? Oh, just super calm and reserved. I let out only one loud “F######################CK” and then started troubleshooting.

Compile Error in Hidden Module:link

Every time I opened Word I noticed that an error would pop up that said: “compile error in hidden module:link” This happened after I started working on tracked-edit documents with my advisor who must be using a different version of Word than me. Here’s how I fixed it!

Gandi and Github Pages

I’ve listed my website as “http://rrcarter.com” for awhile because whenever I typed “www.rrcarter.com” I would get a scary message from my domain host of “This domain has been parked.” I’m happy to announce that, through no additional help or clarity via Gandi pages, I’ve figured out what you need to do to avoid that scary message. It took me awhile to figure out what my problem was because I didn’t know the right keywords to Google-fu my problem. I finally learned what the problem was even called via my brother and voila! I fixed it.

Keywords to Google-fu Your Problem

The issue was that “http://rrcarter.com” is called a bare domain and “www.rrcarter.com” is called the root domain. The hosting account (in this situation, Gandi) calls its DNS record a “zone”.

The Steps

1) Set up CNAME
2) Set up forwarding to the bare domain
3) Set up forwarding to the “www” domain
4) Change the DNS and CNAME pointers
5) Profit!

Already did all this and you’re still having issues? Skip ahead to the Troubleshooting Checklist below!

Virtual Box 64-Bit

Greetings from the land of dual-boot. You may have discovered that the WindowsOS is now EXTRAORDINARILY resistant to dual-booting. Like me, you may have tried Linux Mint.

Due to extenuating circumstances, I’m now using VirtualBox. Here is the full process to get it functioning on your Windows 10 OS, and some problems you might run into: