Hey you. Yeah you. Want a treat? Do you want a BONE? Ok, lets see what we can find for you.

Ok, well, looks like we’ve got some mints. And some headphones from HP. (By the way, if you’ve ever wondered what your tunes would sound like underwater, by all means go pick them up at the next tech conference and uh, enjoy the listening experience). Looks like there’s no BONE here for you! Or….

Wait for it…

Its a Beagle Bone Black! I’m so freakin’ excited. I got one for my birthday as a surprise and I can’t wait to tinker with it.

I was rather surprised by how small it is. After months of looking at the Rasberry Pi and the Beagle Bone I wasn’t expecting it dimensions to be more narrow than a deck of cards. I am very pleased that it fits in an Altoid tin though. That’ll do for now.

So excited!!!

An Aside.
No, I don’t have two dogs. I’m babysitting!