Emacs Games

My most informative twitter feed at the moment is @UnixToolTip. However, a few days ago it tweeted –>“One advantage of visually dull environments like the command line or an editor is that there isn’t much to do there but work.”<–

Of course, the he was almost immediately flooded with “Excuse me sir, but AU CONTRAIRE

Allow me to introduce you to M-x tetris. Also, say goodbye to about 10 minutes of your day. You could also play tetris written in bash for fun times with the command line.

Speaking of which, want a little amusement everytime you fire up the terminal? Install sl with the command apt-get install sl For the animation to play every time you open a terminal, edit your .bashrc file with the command emacs .bashrc while in your home directory. Then simply add “sl” to the bottom of the .bashrc file and close it. Don’t forget to source the changes you made to your file! To do so enter the command source ~/.bashrc

And with that, uh… a train runs by every time you open a terminal. Good stuff.

If you’re feeling needy, then fire up M-x doctor and chat with “Psychotherapist Elisa” about your problems. The conversation becomes very introspective. And circular.

There are quite a few games listed here on the official GNU site. Personally, I didn’t find the built in Emacs games to be very diverting. I guess that’s a good thing!