Troubleshooting Slides Built With Reveal.js

I needed to put out a few tutorials and remembered I could either do a typical tutorial by taking screenshots and copy past in word or powerpoint, OR I could write the whole thing in markdown with emacs, and transform it in one line with pandoc into a slideshow.

However, everytime I used Reveal.js, it was just generating a static html file. I had just updated to 1.12.01. Everytime I searched Google for these problems, John McFarlane’s omnipotent website would pop up. Here’s some problems I fixed:

First attempt:

I tried this example:
pandoc -s --mathjax -i -t revealjs SLIDES.txt -o example16d.html But it generated one single html page, not html5 slides.

However, Slidy and dzslides worked in my system: pandoc -s --mathjax -i -t slidy SLIDES.txt -o example16d.html

Dont Forget to Contain It:

Last problem was that obviously, I couldn’t send these presentations without the reveal.js folder.

You need a —self-contained flag: pandoc -s -S -t revealjs ~/Desktop/test.md -o ~/Desktop/newtest.html --self-contained

There are alot of flags to play with!

pandoc -t html5 --template=reveal-template.html --standalone --section-divs --variable theme="default" --variable transition="concave" ~/Desktop/test.md -o slides.html

You can send the .html file to someone. However, be sure to tell them to download the file (not preview it – it won’t work), then open it up in their browser of choice.