Linux Mint Screen Brightness

I bet you’re here because xbacklight isn’t working for you.

Just enter xbacklight -set 41 they said. It’ll work, they said. Below is my solution for you poor, frustrated souls who have a Linux Mint that stubbornly remains at 100% brightness.

Update the Grub

First edit it with sudo emacs /etc/default/grub
Then change the lines:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux"

Then don’t forget to update the changed grub with sudo update-grub and restart!

This works (for me)

sudo intel_backlight 70

You must used sudo otherwise intel_backlight won’t work. High fives all around, folks!

I’ve gone through endless iterations of tryingt to adjust the backlight. I’ve been spoiled by f.lux on my Windows machine, which I can’t get working on Mint of course. Nor its cousin Redshift.


Did you get Linux Mint to play nicely with your keypad or did you also have to come up with an ad-hoc solution?