Tracking Mentions of Your Publication in the Media

After unexpectedly discovering that news outlets had done write ups about the content of our article, Survey and Analysis of the American Public’s Perceptions and Knowledge About Antibiotic Resistance I tweeted @researchwhisper on how one would to track their your article. A cursory search of the academic blogosphere on this topic appeared to be exclusively about how to track your publications in the usual outlets of Google Scholar or MyNCBI.

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Create Your Own Google Alerts

First, go to the Google Alerts page which will be listed under your Gmail account of your choice. This is so you can receive a summary email from Google at the intervals of your choice.

@TalkingEvidence recommended creating alerts for all variations of my name. This was an excellent point to make. Sometimes the “R.” part for my middle name of my academic title is missed, or its spelled as “Rebeca” with one C.

So in testing it out I used the Boolean operators: "Rebecca Carter" OR "Rebecca R. Carter" AND "antibiotic" as well as searching the full title of the article. What I really like about Google Alerts is it gives you a preview of the kind of hits you’ll get with your alert keywords so you get better targets.

Impact Story

Other recommendations were Factiva news, Altmetric, and LinkedIn by @DALupton. Impact Story looked very interesting, as it aggregated alot of key media mentions including Altmetric, Mendeley, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Facebook to name a few. I hadn’t even considered those. It also cross links to your Orcid ID and something called Depsy.


It was also recommended by @Sally2Sci to set up a Google Scholar profile. It was really interesting to see how many academic tracking services there are. There’s even one for tracking the number of publications you review!