Gandi and Github Pages

I’ve listed my website as “http://rrcarter.com” for awhile because whenever I typed “www.rrcarter.com” I would get a scary message from my domain host of “This domain has been parked.” I’m happy to announce that, through no additional help or clarity via Gandi pages, I’ve figured out what you need to do to avoid that scary message. It took me awhile to figure out what my problem was because I didn’t know the right keywords to Google-fu my problem. I finally learned what the problem was even called via my brother and voila! I fixed it.

Keywords to Google-fu Your Problem

The issue was that “http://rrcarter.com” is called a bare domain and “www.rrcarter.com” is called the root domain. The hosting account (in this situation, Gandi) calls its DNS record a “zone”.

The Steps

1) Set up CNAME
2) Set up forwarding to the bare domain
3) Set up forwarding to the “www” domain
4) Change the DNS and CNAME pointers
5) Profit!

Already did all this and you’re still having issues? Skip ahead to the Troubleshooting Checklist below!

The Steps for Gandi – More Detail

Ohohoho you knew it wasn’t that easy, right? The following assumes you either are using Jekyll to host your github page. I also used similar steps to set up this octopress website.

CNAME Record on Github

Go to the root of your blog’s directory (ie: octopress or [blogname]) and in run this command in the terminal: echo "[blogname].io" > CNAME

Then run your preferred iteration of the standard git commands: git add . git commit -m "CNAME record" and git push origin to get it loaded into Github.

Log onto Gandi, Edit Zone File

When you reach the dashboard of your domains, click on the namesapce

Look immediately to the right-hand corner and you’ll see zone files. Click on Edit the Zone

You will find that you cannot edit the version being used and have to edit a copy of the DNS zone file in use.

You will create THREE records:
Create two type “A” files. Each will have the name “@” and a TTL of 3 hours. However, one will have a value of and the other will have a value of

If you look at Github setup pages from around 2014-2015 they will have a different value, but Github has switched its server IPs to these values as of late.

The third record is the type “CNAME” record. It will have the name “www” and a TTL of 3 hours. For the value, enter your github pages address with a dot at the end.

Github Pages via Gandi Troubleshooting Checklist

1) Does your CNAME record on github have a “www”? It should just be [blogname].io
2) Did you forget the extra dot at the end (the dot indicated a stopping point)
3) Did you remember there needs to be two subdomain pointers in Gandi (one blank, and one www)
4) There has to be two A records for the two github IP addresses
5) Finally, include one CNAME record for the www part in the “Zone” file that forwards to your github.io. page – notice the extra dot at the end!
6) Has it been at least 3 hours? This is the worst part – you won’t know if you did it right until hours from when it was submitted.

Web Forwarding Options

The “masked” option means that if someone types in the www address, it doesn’t redirect to the github.io domain, it keeps it under the custom Gandi domain name. The “permanent” option, as you can see for this website, shows you the hal.case.edu root domain, from the CWRU server.

What about HTTPS

You’d need SSL for these to work. Gandi has a hosting plan has a free year of SSL: https://www.gandi.net/domain/ssl if you want to pursue that.