NPR: The Sound of Ideas (2017)

My advisor Dr. Robin Jump and I were on The Sound of Ideas to talk about the public health crisis of antibiotic overuse.


Click the image to listen and/or see the interview. Audio is at the top of the page, scroll down to the bottom for the video of the interview.

Evidence of Doing the Thing

My friend wisely encouraged me to try to take a photo at some point while there, like next to a Sound of Ideas sign or something.

It reminded me of Lara Hogan’s doughnuts, where she’d take a picture of the celebratory doughnut whenever something awesome happened in her career. Otherwise she wouldn’t reflect on accomplishments at all.

So, I tried. The only thing I personally have as proof I was there is you can see my reflection.

Thank goodness for video. I guess there wasn’t enough space in the titlecard for “Not-Quite-PhD.” :) The interviewer (Michael McIntyre), producer (Rachel Rood), and the people that called in asked really interesting, thought provoking questions.


The producers and interviewer were just amazing. I really want to thank ScienceCafe / SciXi society for their support.

Admittedly, this experience did teach me that I don’t often speak ALOUD about what I work on. Nor do I speak often about it to a broader audience in a way is energizing. Its alot of ‘doom and gloom’ about the things we research on! Now I have an opportunity to make adjustments.